8 Common Mistakes in Pickleball Serve | How to Avoid Them

Pickleball can be a lot of fun to play but can also be tough. There are many things to keep in mind while playing. Every shot must be expected; you must follow pickleball serving rules to avoid making mistakes. You already understand what we’re talking about if you often play Pickleball. After a time, it can become frustrating, especially if you’re new to the game and aren’t yet familiar with pickleball serve mistakes.

Making  serve mistakes without understanding their reasons or how to correct them is one of the most frustrating things. I’ve encountered this many times, so I completely understand where pickleball beginners come from.

However, given the young of the sport, it might be challenging to find knowledge related to proper pickleball strategy and technique. Today, I’m going to be of help to you by outlining many common pickleball serve mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common Pickleball Serving Mistakes

Here are the 8 common pickleball serve mistakes that I have observed every beginner makes.

Selecting the Wrong Pickleball Paddle

Buying a pickleball paddle is the first step in taking up this activity. However, beginners regularly buy trendy Paddles without doing enough research. Therefore they receive the wrong piece of equipment.

Paddles differ in various weights, so it’s crucial to pick one that you can comfortably handle and swing. While a heavier paddle may be more forceful but more difficult to handle. The moreover lighter paddle may be simpler to carry but may lack power.

The size of the grip is another important aspect. While a grip that is too wide can be hard to handle. A too small grip can be uncomfortable and possibly result in hand fatigue.

Your game may be affected by the Paddle’s material as well. Typically, paddles are made of wood, composite material, or graphite. These materials all offer different qualities.

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Improper Pickleball serve

Another common mistake caused by pickleball beginners is improper serving. In Pickleball, the service shot is key. Because it gives you a chance to direct play and create an advantage for your team. The game can be won by your opponent by simply hitting the ball back to you.

Therefore, it’s important to serve correctly because it will make the game easier for you and enable you to win. Mix up your serves to keep opponents guessing. Proper athlete stance is a must in pickleball serve.

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Don’t rush when serving

Pickleball’s swift nature keeps us playing points quickly and without many breaks. You might be urged to rush when it’s your turn to serve. I frequently witness athletes reach the line in a straight line and hit the ball without even taking a breath.

Take a moment to ensure you are as calm and relaxed as possible. Your positioning and consistency will benefit from this. The best defense against rushing is to create a regular routine that you can follow.

Before you hit, perhaps let the ball bounce a few times or, at the very least, take a moment to look at your opponent. Pickleball players usually reach for shots with an imaginary extension.

Swabbing up before serving

I used to make mistakes in Pickleball like this one regularly. You don’t see this in the advanced play very often because most people have already been caught doing it. After someone serves, I usually notice them moving up past the baseline. The issue is that the double bounce rule forbids backhanding the return serve.

Therefore, if you move past the baseline and the opposition serves a deep serve in return, you are done for. It’s highly doubtful that you will be able to get that ball if it drops at your feet. Moreover, it will be a mistake if you volley it (strike it before it bounces).

Poor footwork

The most common mistake caused by pickleball beginners is poor footwork. Pickleball needs good footwork since it allows you to move quickly and get to the ball.

Poor footwork can make it tough to reach shots that hit various parts of the court. It can be difficult to keep your balance and control while hitting shots.

Smaller steps are usually more successful when moving around the court than longer ones. These let you keep balance and control and make sudden direction changes easier.

You can try a lot of footwork routines to improve your motion range and coordination. By doing these drills, you may enhance your total footwork and develop good habits.

Feeling anxious while serving Pickleball

I understand that you don’t want to offend your partner, who is often someone you just met at free play. After all, first impressions matter. Many athletes become anxious while serving. They will, however, almost always be concerned with their game and about disappointing their partner, just like you are.

And it’s all too easy to overlook that you’re there to have fun. We all play Pickleball because we enjoy it, so there. The next time you feel anxious or angry at yourself, keep that in mind. Enjoy this fantastic sport and yourself, and don’t forget to have fun!

Hit the ball forcefully

There are times when you can hit the ball in play too hard. Let’s face it. Even though you may want to smash each and every shot, this is not tennis. When you hit the ball too hard, give your opponent a perfect chance to hit it back at you.

Instead, focus on just returning the shot or skillfully dinking it over. One of the easier mistakes to make on the pickleball court is not to notice the pickleball until it makes contact. The defined area from which the server must hit the ball during a serve is a service box or service court.

Missing the kitchen line

It’s important to get to the kitchen line as quickly as possible because that’s where Pickleball is mostly played. Once the serve and return serve has been made, you should make an effort to arrive at the kitchen line. To position yourself to win the argument, it’s crucial to develop this habit.

Stop running to the kitchen line and concentrate on bringing the ball back over. Returning a ball while running to the kitchen line will frequently result in popping the ball up for your opponent to smash easily. You can go to the kitchen in its complete.

How to avoid pickleball serving mistakes

Top 4 tips to avoid mistakes In Pickleball serving

  • Some common mistakes are made when serving in Pickleball, but you can avoid the by using pickleball serving techniques:
  • Dropping the ball: For a service to be legal, the ball must be hit. Dropping the ball causes a loss of serve.
  • Putting your feet in the non-volley zone.:- Before striking the ball, stepping inside the non-volley zone is seen as a foot mistake.
  • Pickleball serves usually make front of the body mistakes.: Crossing the center line, stepping into the non-volley zone, and striking the ball out of bounds.

Final Words

Most pickleball serve mistakes are easy to fix, you should be aware. It’s normal to make pickleball mistakes when you first start. Applying the right type of serve helps to avoid mistakes. It is said that the true hero is not the one who admits fault. But who admits fault and then makes efforts. Be that person and have fun playing Pickleball!

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